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The Dog on the Moon

This book is by the well known Tolkien and this is (in my opinion) his best written work ever.

The story is one of a kind, a happy playing dog (Rover) in what appears as a normal life, playing in the garden of the house and chasing his ball. And the whole universe changes when the magical wizard passes by picking up the dog's ball and putting it in his pocket. Now the wizard is no cruel man, he was merely playing with the little Rover but young Rover bites the wizard (which we all know you never never should. If a wizard takes your ball you beg to get it back) and the wizard is angered (not harry potter style with avara kadavra but a much less cool wizard style) and turns Rover into a toy dog.

Rover can only move and come alive at night and so his journey begins to find the wizard through the magical world, on the moon and in the sea and he will find friends at every place he comes and he will like any other main character develop through his journey so that when he shall face the wizard can say "please" for his ball.

It's lovely and beautiful and I almost don't dare to say too much of it as it isn't too long to begin with, But you get so drawn into it that when it's over you wish his journey had been longer and that there had been more to read. As much as it is a fairy tale for children I will recomen this for all ages and people, it's magical and very sweet.


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